DIY Hobo Gloves

For people like me who’s hands get cold, I’m doing a quick run down on how to make your own hobo gloves.

1. Get some cheapo gloves. I like the 2 for $1 kind since I lose them all the time. Or the ones you get for x-mas…

2. Cut a bit off each finger.

3. Burn the the edges.

Viola quick hobo gloves



How to reuse those holiday cards.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, my neighbor said to me, “I have some extra Christmas cards I’m going to throw away”. To which I replied, “I will take them”. Then this neighbor bestowed upon me hundreds and hundreds of Christmas cards.

The moral of this story is that I now have a DIY craft project. How do you reuse those holiday gift cards? Bookmarks!

What Do You Need:

1. Packing Tape

2. Hole punch

3. Ribbon or pretty string

4. Scissors

5. Cards!

Ruler is optional, but recommended.


How to do it:

1. Cut or fold your paper skinnier than your packing tape.

2. Cover both sides with the packing tape.

3. Punch a hole a decent distance from the top.

4. Make a pretty string (but not super thick).



Plastic Bottle Flowers

Simply Create and Enjoy

plastic bottle flowersEmpty plastic bottles have lots of uses, and one is to make these decorative flowers. Simply cut the bottoms off and use as you wish; as a wall hanging or doorway covering by stringing together, or as decorative lights but making a hole in the center of each and inserting an LED light, or whatever other way you choose. Idea and info found at

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Decoupage Sports Fan TV Trays Revisited

On The Upcycle~

This holiday season,  I decided to craft some gifts not only to save money, but simply for the sake of doing something different.  When people stop by our house for a visit, they notice all the upcycled furniture and home decor items.  One of those items in particular, our Decoupaged  Philadelphia Phillies TV tray gets a good deal of attention. For this reason, I thought tables such as these would make great gifts.  Most folks have a set of these boring wooden TV trays at home.

TV Tray before

Despite the lack of design qualities these trays are very functional and often times serve an important purpose.  Who hasn’t sat in front of the TV, and used one of these little trays to devour a late night snack, or simply use as a laptop computer table?

I was in the thrift store and happened across four for sale.  I snatched them up and…

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