Recycled DIY -Pet Bed- the one they’ll use.

I don’t have pictures, but I have been doing this awesome, useful craft for years. Ever notice how your pets jump on your laundry, clean or dirty? Next time you clean your closet, take an old pillow case/sweater/t-shirt and use it as a base for your pet bed. If you use a sweater/t-shirt, just cut the arms off and you are good to go. If you wand to get fancy, you can sew the holes shut, or if your low on the craftiness, you can use ye old glue gun to glue said holes shut. Somewhere is this process, you just stuff the pillowcase/shirt with old clothes. Instant pillowbed; free, but most effective.


Want to up the ante? Just sleep on the clothes first. Now, they smell like you and are ready to escort your beloved pet to pet nirvana. You can even leave a patch open and wash/sleep on the clothes again to have them stay keen on your scent.

Drowning in Altoids Tins: 5 Ideas to Reduce the Mess

The Craft So Long To Learn

My sister tends to rip through cases of Altoids with a speed that borders on frightening. Not Tic-Tacs, not gum, only Altoids. Even I have a couple empty tins floating around at any given time. I’ve never put in a lot of thought over what to do with them other than throwing them out, but after perusing Pinterest a bit I think I might start to save up a few. Links to the original instructions are in every title and photo–please be sure to check out their blogs!

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Jelly 101: How To Get Started

Maggie's Art & Musings

Not only is this a great way to preserve the fruits of you labor from your garden but it’s a great way to save.  Purchase “clearance produce” at farmers markets, roadside stands and cash & carry markets at a mark down when the fruit is prime for jelly making!  Stock your pantry and give some as gifts!

Burpee Gardening

Perhaps the very easiest thing to can is homemade jam.  It’s not very expensive, it’s simple, and once you’ve made one kind of jam, others just cooperatively fall into place for you.  It’s a great way to get started canning.

The instructions for basic jams are all pretty much the same – you only need to make minor modifications for different fruits.  So, because we’re all creative people, I’m laying out the basic how-to, giving you a chart with special instructions fruit by fruit, and you can take it from there.


  • 8…

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Benefits of Compostable Bags

Green Living Everyday Blog

Most people are interested in knowing how and why eco-friendly products should be used. The market for plastic bags, bottles, and foodservice products that are biodegradable or compostable is growing at an ever increasing rate. The use of compostable plastics to replace traditional plastics can have many potential positive environmental benefits, such as lower the amount of fossil fuel created products, reducing landfill waste and leading to the development of new innovative sustainable and biodegradable products.

What are the prominent uses of the compostable plastic products? 

  • Food scrap diversion – instrumental in the process of diverting left over food from landfills.
  • Co-collection of food scraps and service ware in institutional and restaurants.

What are the main types of recyclable trash bags?

  • Compostable Trash Bags – This type of bags break down more quickly than biodegradable bags. They will completely decompose under ideal circumstances in 10-45 days.
  • Biodegradable Trash Bags – These…

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Cozy Hand Warmers

Quiver Full of Blessings

Anybody else have cold hands?

I’ve almost always had cold hands (and feet!) and I’m sure they’re about to get colder here soon.

The project I’m sharing today is perfect for using on a blustery cold day. That is, if you venture out at all in it. Here in PA the temps are dropping 50 degrees in the span of one day. It’s been a really crazy sort of winter for a lot of folks, and spring is still a long way off it seems.

Hopefully something like these can help to warm you up.

hand warmers, granola 014

Homemade hand warmers, perfect for tucking into pockets before heading out in the cold. Easy to make, and easier to heat up–just pop them in the microwave! Mine are made of a cozy flannel in this cute blue houndstooth print. These would be a good project for beginning sewers or someone who likes a quick…

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DIY Orange Box Shelf

I had a little box of tangerines. It was on sale, and, well, I love my fruit. Here I was sitting eating a little orange and thought, “well, that’s a waste.” That would not do, so I thought up a DIY to upcycle/reuse le box petite into a small shelf. Now, it made a cute little shelving unit, but it does not hold a lot of weight. I plan on making a few more of these in different colors as I get the boxes to make an artsy wall decoration.

Things you need:

Wooden box from fruit

White glue

Paper – something pretty

Rag or paintbrush

Optional stain:


Food coloring



(The before shot. I picked some pretty wrapping paper from x-mas)

Optional Steps: Staining.

If you have a stain you could use that; if not, let’s make some easy stain.

  1. Get a good size container that can hold hot liquid. I used an old jar.
  2. Take about a cup of boiling water and steep some tea bags. I used four.
  3. Add a couple of drops of food coloring. I chose pink.
  4. Add some vinegar, say 1/3 a cup.
  5. I stained it 2 times. It dries super quick so do as many as you like.

There are other natural stains you can make but they’ll probably take longer. You could also lacquer it, but I choose not to do that (I might not have had any). Here is a before/after shot so you can see how it looks.

Image Image

 (Dig that mellow pink, man.)

How do I do the rest? :

  1. Take your [stained] box and cut your paper to size.
  2. Take an old cup (maybe even the cleaned one from above) and add 1 part glue and one part water.
  3. Decoupage that paper right onto the back using your rag or brush. That’s right! You knew that was coming.
  4. Hang it like a boss. (This may be the MOST important step)



That’s it! I used two long nails to hang it. It was easy enough. Now for more upcycling ideas from people like me feel free to join this facebook group: Bowerbirds Journal

I’ll update this post after I have a few hanging so you can see how it goes.