DIY: Jeweled statement earrings

In a sea of butterflies

I’ve been experimenting with making expensive looking jewelry without the soldering aspect. With a little PVC, some glue and a few little rhinestones, it’s super simple to make some gorgeous jeweled earrings.



A collection of rhinestones
Two small pieces of clear PVC sheet
Superglue (make sure it is the type that dries clear)
Clip-on earring backs


1. Plan out your rhinestone design on a flat surface. Once you are happy with it, take a photo of the design with your phone.

2. Start gluing the stones to the piece of PVC, beginning from the top and copying the pattern you designed.

3. Use your scissors to cut out any pieces of PVC that aren’t covered by stones.

4. Continue until the design is done, trimming the PVC so it is completely hidden behind the rhinestones.

5. Leave overnight to dry.

6. Once the…

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We’re having a Seed Party

Poor as Folk

The first thing my little one does when he wakes up in the morning is go to our “Seed Shelf”, a plastic yellow shelf my husband rescued from the garbage at a supermarket. It was an end-of-aisle display shelf for bug repellant. It’s been sitting  in a corner of the boys’ room, displaying lego creations and holding stacks of Pokemon cards. Now it’s been cleared off to store the random small containers and toilet paper tube pots we’ve gathered together from raiding recycle bins to start seeds in. The lack of a backing makes it a perfect seed starting shelf, placed in front of of one the few windows that actually lets light in our house.seed cups

This morning, my littlest peeked over the edge of a shelf , looking at the containers he helped me fill with soil and pushed seeds into with his tiny fingers . I could tell…

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My newest project is my Upcycle collection,

Inspired by innovation through recycling:
 artistically re-purposing  existing objects.

Ticket Stub Box


This box is made from a bamboo tea tray and the front part (just the frame and glass) of a picture frame.

I cut a slit in the side of the tea tray so that there       would be an opening on the top of the finished            piece to  put the tickets in.

The piece hangs on the wall just like a shadow box frame.

Chalkboard Mirror


This piece was inspired by the many old windows I found at a thrift shop. I simply taped off the panes and painted the glass with chalk board paint.

The only trick is getting a spray version of the chalkboard paint that is made for glass.

I attached hanging wire to the back, making the finished piece…

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