An Accidental Re-do

Dwelling On A Dime

On Wednesday, we had an electrician come over to do some work for us upstairs. My newly-redone hall table was right outside the main bathroom. I always try to provide water, coffee, or beer to anyone working on the house. Hubby set the glass of ice water on the table. Despite layers of poly and wax, the water bubbled the top layer and it peeled RIGHT off the table.

-_- Do you know how long those paint jobs take? They’re not something you can patch up! I allowed myself my momentary freakout and went back to the drawing board. The best idea I had for the top was to decoupage it. Emily Dickinson is one of my favorite poets, so I put her poetry on the top, using lots of regular glue, reinforcing the seams, and 3-4 heavy coats of poly. I added the side stencils and then hand painted…

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Shoe Box Upcycle

Don’t throw your old shoe boxes away! You can upcycle them for other uses, other than storing your old socks!

If you have a wall just crying out for decorations, then you can use the box tops to create wall art!

You can also maximize the box bottoms to create tiny shelves.  You can either paint the boxes just like these, or another idea is to line the inside with pretty prints using a gift wrapper and some glue.

You can also cover the box top with a pretty fabric which you can use as a jewellery organizer.

Happy organizing!

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c.1858 S.D. & W. Smith Rosewood Melodeon Desk

Old Things Anew





 A spectacular authentic pre-civil war (c.1858) antique S.D. & W. Smith Co. (Boston, MA) rosewood inoperative melodeon pump organ that I was able to ‘re-purpose’ and restore into a fully functioning writing desk. I was able to use practically all the original pieces of the organ (desk top, ivory keys, music scroll, foot pedals, etc) back into the desk for aesthetic purposes that clearly reflects its earlier life, while creating ‘new life’ that will enable this great American treasure to be functional for generations to come. I restored all the finish with multiple coats of tung oil, hand buffing between each coat. I also included hidden ‘pass through’ ports into the backside of the desktop that allows electrical equipment (e.g. laptop, etc) to be used with this desk. The legs are removable for easy transport in almost any vehicle and the whole desk weighs less than 50 pounds. The…

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