Free? What a Waste – Let’s talk books

Wait! Don’t leave. I love books too!

The thing is that I own a lot. I mean a lot of books. So recently I’ve tried to pare down my books (still have a lot) while slowly working toward a minimalist life style. This end is actually going pretty well since I’m just getting rid of a box at a time, but there is one thing I want to pass along.

Free books! That’s right people, free books. Who doesn’t like free? How can you get said books? First, let’s go with the obvious. Use your LIBRARY! Not only can you go there, most libraries offer e-books, mags, and music. After that, there are tons of free places for e-books. If you haven’t heard of the Gutenburg project, you could look that now. But by far my favorite option is Amazon. Yes, Amazon has tons, tons of free books. Hit that up! They have all kinds of topics, so post me some of ur favorites or a internet site to mention in a follow-up.


One thought on “Free? What a Waste – Let’s talk books

  1. I like to have some of my favorite books in my personal library. I find that books also go in and out of style. Trying to find autobiographies can be difficult, especially as their popularity wanes, so I get them while I can, and hope that someday my kids (and maybe their kids) will read them as well.

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