Think Greener

Think Greener.

We spend a lot of our time worrying. We often put so much effort into the minutia that we fill our minds with flotsam and jetsam. Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but most people don’t take the time to clean the most important area they have, their MIND.

Since the brain is the center of everything one has, I thought it would be nice to take a week of posting and talking about some ways to clean out betwixt ones’ ears.

Ok, it might sound silly, but I want you to go and do some inconsequential reading. I find as I get older, I do less reading just for the heck of it. Take some time and turn off the wheels and be entertained. Take away the noise on the outside and in and just snicker through a silly read.

Day dream like when you were young. Don’t do some if I had a million dollars or if I had stayed with such and such kind of day dreaming. Go and imagine dragons. Imagine a grand space adventure. Rule a kingdom. Stop the day to day litany and just go with something that could never actually happen. I want no specific or obtainable ‘what if’s’ to come in and kill the fun.

Meditation is just awesome. It’s a great skill to learn. The way I like to do it is:
Find a comfortable position (don’t care if it’s lying down or a handstand), then just think, every time a thought comes in let it slip away like water, once you get there then you can practice keeping a thoughtless moment when you inhale or exhale, then just let it stay that way on both inhale and exhale.

Go for a hike. Just take the time to look around. Take a camera and find something that is beautiful that you would have never noticed. This is a no brainer . 🙂

Reuniting with people means that you have the chance to communicate without the problem of drama. You can bull and gripe, cheer and smile, because you won’t be all that invested. Their drama will not add to yours. Just have some Fun.

Haven’t gone dancing in a while? Play soccer? I know you used to have a hobby and you’ve lost it. Go take a class, go paint a picture. Just spend a night doing something you were passionate about and enjoy and remember that feeling. Be in that memory.

Take some stressful time in your life and burn it up (with fire safety in mind). You can write down a bad experience or feeling and throw it in a fire pit. You can take that thing your ex left from the break-up and burn it. You can even make a party with close friends and share the experience of cleansing with fire. Either way after it’s burnt, you should probably do marshmallows too.

Take a day and just get lost without a time restraint. Explore a new place. Get excited without the distraction of responsibility.

That’s my list. If you’ve got a great idea feel free to post it down below!

Wear Green.

Want to be a little greener?

Got a lot of friends? A church group? Any group?

Why not try hosting a clothing swap? You just take clothes that you don’t wear, get your buddies to do the same, and VIOLA you’re set. You can do a local clothing swap and donate what ever is left over. It’s a great idea to be a little greener and a little stylish!