Spring Cleaning Fun 1- from TODAY

11 easy DIY spring cleaning tips (including Tang in the toilet!)

March 14, 2014 at 10:59 AM ET

You will not believe these spring-cleaning tips from TODAY contributor and lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew, who’s showing how to get your kitchen and bathroom sparkling with easy items you already have around the house!

1. Sanitize the sink

Your dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat!

Spring cleaning


To disinfect, clean your sink with soap and water first.

Spray a mist of vinegar followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide,and let air-dry. Don’t mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide togetherspray one after the other.

If your sink is stainless steel, make it sparkle afterward by putting a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and buffing.

2. Disinfect the sponge

Sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Disinfect your sponge every night by running it through your dishwasher with your nightly load.

When it’s shredded and smelly, replace it.

3. Disinfect the garbage disposal

To get rid of odors, run it with a cut-up lemon, some salt and a few ice cubes.

The lemon deodorizes, and the ice and salt clean away residue.

Spring cleaning


4. Don’t forget the dishwasher 

Once a week, shake baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe around the machine’s edges to remove stuck-on food or stains. 

To clean the inside, run an empty cycle with Dishwasher Magic, a product designed to kill bacteria like E.Coli.

5. Empty the fridge and defrost the freezer

Pull out all contents and toss anything past its prime. 

Wipe down and deodorize shelves with a solution of warm water and baking soda (1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed with 1 quart warm water).

Pull refrigerator away from the wall and vacuum dust and dirt.

6. Line your oven

Cut down on the need to frequently clean your oven by lining the bottom with a nonstick oven liner. It can be wiped with a paper towel, put in the dishwasher and reused over and over.

Keeping the interior range top burners and reflectors clean, you can save up to 10 percent by redirecting heat more efficiently, warming food faster and more evenly.

Spring cleaning


7. Deep-clean your bathroom shower head

Pour white vinegar into a sturdy plastic bag big enough to submerge the shower head. Using a rubber band, secure it and let it soak overnight.

Shower head cleaning


Remove the bag and run the shower to rinse. This process removes calcium deposits as well as any lingering bacteria.

8. Make shower door and tracks shine

Start by making a paste of baking soda and distilled white vinegar (1 cup to a few drops) and rub it over the door.

You can clean the track by wrapping some fine steel wool around an old toothbrush and rubbing it back and forth to loosen any grime or mildew.

Let paste sit for an hour and then wipe clean with a microfiber cloth. Rinse off and buff dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

A closed-loop microfiber cloth is a super-soft textile with great absorption power and water because the scrubbing action and absorption grab mildew from grout.

Spring cleaning


9. Clear out the drain

Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, then follow it with 1/2 cup vinegar.

Cover it with a wet cloth, wait 5 minutes, uncover and flush with steaming-hot water.

10. Wash shower curtain

Run plastic shower curtains through the washing machine with a bit of detergent and some old towels (they will act as scrubbers to get rid of soap scum and mildew). Hang to dry.

11. Tackle the toilet

Drop a teaspoon of Tang drink mix in the bowl. The citric acid acts like a scrubber. Best of all, it’s non-toxic.

Let it sit for a few minutes, then swish and flush.

Greener Library

Book Waste

When is the last time you went in an culled your book collection? Not only will you feel good about decluttering, you will also do something green, because you can always donate books. Most libraries have a book donation area. These will either stay at the local library or go to underprivileged areas.

If you can’t stand the idea of losing a book, you can also do a swap! Get some of your nerd friends together and trade off! Set up a meet up and off you go.

Think Greener

Think Greener.

We spend a lot of our time worrying. We often put so much effort into the minutia that we fill our minds with flotsam and jetsam. Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but most people don’t take the time to clean the most important area they have, their MIND.

Since the brain is the center of everything one has, I thought it would be nice to take a week of posting and talking about some ways to clean out betwixt ones’ ears.

Ok, it might sound silly, but I want you to go and do some inconsequential reading. I find as I get older, I do less reading just for the heck of it. Take some time and turn off the wheels and be entertained. Take away the noise on the outside and in and just snicker through a silly read.

Day dream like when you were young. Don’t do some if I had a million dollars or if I had stayed with such and such kind of day dreaming. Go and imagine dragons. Imagine a grand space adventure. Rule a kingdom. Stop the day to day litany and just go with something that could never actually happen. I want no specific or obtainable ‘what if’s’ to come in and kill the fun.

Meditation is just awesome. It’s a great skill to learn. The way I like to do it is:
Find a comfortable position (don’t care if it’s lying down or a handstand), then just think, every time a thought comes in let it slip away like water, once you get there then you can practice keeping a thoughtless moment when you inhale or exhale, then just let it stay that way on both inhale and exhale.

Go for a hike. Just take the time to look around. Take a camera and find something that is beautiful that you would have never noticed. This is a no brainer . 🙂

Reuniting with people means that you have the chance to communicate without the problem of drama. You can bull and gripe, cheer and smile, because you won’t be all that invested. Their drama will not add to yours. Just have some Fun.

Haven’t gone dancing in a while? Play soccer? I know you used to have a hobby and you’ve lost it. Go take a class, go paint a picture. Just spend a night doing something you were passionate about and enjoy and remember that feeling. Be in that memory.

Take some stressful time in your life and burn it up (with fire safety in mind). You can write down a bad experience or feeling and throw it in a fire pit. You can take that thing your ex left from the break-up and burn it. You can even make a party with close friends and share the experience of cleansing with fire. Either way after it’s burnt, you should probably do marshmallows too.

Take a day and just get lost without a time restraint. Explore a new place. Get excited without the distraction of responsibility.

That’s my list. If you’ve got a great idea feel free to post it down below!

Wear Green.

Want to be a little greener?

Got a lot of friends? A church group? Any group?

Why not try hosting a clothing swap? You just take clothes that you don’t wear, get your buddies to do the same, and VIOLA you’re set. You can do a local clothing swap and donate what ever is left over. It’s a great idea to be a little greener and a little stylish!