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DIY Orange Box Shelf

I had a little box of tangerines. It was on sale, and, well, I love my fruit. Here I was sitting eating a little orange and thought, “well, that’s a waste.” That would not do, so I thought up a DIY to upcycle/reuse le box petite into a small shelf. Now, it made a cute little shelving unit, but it does not hold a lot of weight. I plan on making a few more of these in different colors as I get the boxes to make an artsy wall decoration.

Things you need:

Wooden box from fruit

White glue

Paper – something pretty

Rag or paintbrush

Optional stain:


Food coloring



(The before shot. I picked some pretty wrapping paper from x-mas)

Optional Steps: Staining.

If you have a stain you could use that; if not, let’s make some easy stain.

  1. Get a good size container that can hold hot liquid. I used an old jar.
  2. Take about a cup of boiling water and steep some tea bags. I used four.
  3. Add a couple of drops of food coloring. I chose pink.
  4. Add some vinegar, say 1/3 a cup.
  5. I stained it 2 times. It dries super quick so do as many as you like.

There are other natural stains you can make but they’ll probably take longer. You could also lacquer it, but I choose not to do that (I might not have had any). Here is a before/after shot so you can see how it looks.

Image Image

 (Dig that mellow pink, man.)

How do I do the rest? :

  1. Take your [stained] box and cut your paper to size.
  2. Take an old cup (maybe even the cleaned one from above) and add 1 part glue and one part water.
  3. Decoupage that paper right onto the back using your rag or brush. That’s right! You knew that was coming.
  4. Hang it like a boss. (This may be the MOST important step)



That’s it! I used two long nails to hang it. It was easy enough. Now for more upcycling ideas from people like me feel free to join this facebook group: Bowerbirds Journal

I’ll update this post after I have a few hanging so you can see how it goes.

How to reuse those holiday cards.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, my neighbor said to me, “I have some extra Christmas cards I’m going to throw away”. To which I replied, “I will take them”. Then this neighbor bestowed upon me hundreds and hundreds of Christmas cards.

The moral of this story is that I now have a DIY craft project. How do you reuse those holiday gift cards? Bookmarks!

What Do You Need:

1. Packing Tape

2. Hole punch

3. Ribbon or pretty string

4. Scissors

5. Cards!

Ruler is optional, but recommended.


How to do it:

1. Cut or fold your paper skinnier than your packing tape.

2. Cover both sides with the packing tape.

3. Punch a hole a decent distance from the top.

4. Make a pretty string (but not super thick).