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Recycle and Reuse in your area

Recycle and Reuse in your area

There are a lot of websites that talk about recycling. One that you may never have hear of is . This is a nice site that has groups all around that try to reuse.  Another one is craigslist, but I feel that most people know that one.

There are shops that you can do too like local food auction, estate sales (there is a store in my area that sells lots of things from estate sales), flea markets, and art fairs. It’s a good hobby to try.

Lastly, you had art project this you have or from the road side. If you know when the local trash goes out, you can find some nifty things.

Here is my word of caution. CLEAN ANY USED ITEM!!!!1! Look for evidence of pest before you get anything used. Also, vacuum all the corners and crevasses. This will help keep your house clean of pest. Never take used mattresses or returned mattresses. Happy Hunting!